DirectAdmin 1.62.x

A new DirectAdmin release for the modern age

Several months have passed since version 1.61.5 -- because we've been working hard to bring you the most relevant features to DirectAdmin! In this new release, we've added Automatic SSL Certificate generation. Once your DNS points to the DA box, the certificate will be generated on it's next retry. The DirectAdmin daemon now supports HTTP/2 connections via a "Go" wrapper, for much quicker page loads. New Pro-Pack features include CGroups for per-User resource limits, User-selectable nginx templates, Redis, Admin SSL management, Nginx UNIT support, and E-Mail Tracking.

We're not ceasing our commitment to provide relevant features. We intend our next release be as feature-rich as this one! Your votes in are shaping our future! Keep your fingers crossed -- we have some 'hidden gems' ready to surprise you too!

Here you will find major features we‘ve released and upcoming features on our roadmap. All future-oriented items are subject to change.
All changes are listed in the versions system


A dynamic application server for highly customized setups

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Nginx templates for WordPress+FastCGI, Xenforo, Drupal, etc.

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Automated SSL certificates without the hassle

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Per-User management of Redis databases

Get your data much quicker due to the use of HTTP/2 protocol for DirectAdmin response.

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New modern layout option.

More advanced Email Track&Trace to show if your client emails got delivered

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Upcoming features

Manage remote and local GIT repositories in DirectAdmin