HTTP/2 on 2222: full Go wrapper

Version 1.62.0


Major overhaul of the DirectAdmin daemon. It's now using a "Go" wrapper to allow for HTTP/2 on port 2222. This also allows for multiple requests per connection (as it includes HTTP/1.1 as well). The old directadmin daemon has been refactored to clearly handle this as well, and it listens on a root-only socket at: /usr/local/directadmin/da.sock which receives the individual requests as it did before. This has a huge performance boost: 1) HTTP/2 is binary, thus smaller packets 2) Single connection, saving connection/handshake overhead for each request, making noticeably faster page loads. The packages will increase in size due to the extra included Go libraries, from a previous size of around 12 Meg (static binaries) now to a new average of around 20 Meg (again, static)

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