Supported Services

Cutting-Edge Technologies

DirectAdmin web hosting control panel evolves continuously to provide clients the latest technologies. At the moment the following selected software gets installed and configured automatically with DirectAdmin: Database servers, WWW servers, PHP (5.6/7.x/8.x) modes, Web applications, IMAP/POP3 Server, Mail Transfer Agent/SMTP server, Mailing list, anti-SPAM solutions, Antivirus software, FTP server, Web Aplication Firewall, WWW Usage Statistics.

Database Servers

  • MySQL 5.7/8.0

    Most widely used open-source relational database management system.

  • MariaDB 10.x

    MySQL drop-in replacement. Improved performance. Supports encryption and master<->master replication in version 10.1. MariaDB is led by the original developers of MySQL including the founder of MySQL.

WWW Servers

  • Apache 2.4

    Apache is the world's most widely used web server software.

  • Nginx

    Alternate Web Server. DirectAdmin supports Nginx as a standalone server or as a reverse proxy of Apache. Nginx developers put the most efforts to provide high concurrency, high performance and low memory usage. It is not suitable for everyone's need as a standalone server, because it does not offer .htaccess and CGI support.

  • LiteSpeed Enterprise*

    Apache Drop-in Replacement. Supports HTTP 2/0. Built-in page caching. Advanced .htaccess caching. Fast LiteSpeed SAPI for PHP.
    * commercial 3rd party product

  • OpenLiteSpeed

    Alternate Web Server. Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Enterprise. Supports HTTP 2/0. Built-in page caching. Support for RewriteRules in .htaccess. Fast LiteSpeed SAPI for PHP.

PHP Modes


    An alternative PHP FastCGI implementation with some additional features useful for sites of any size, especially busier sites. PHP works as a separate process. Users can select between up to 4 active versions for their domain.

  • FastCGI

    Utilizes suexec to support different users with their own instances of PHP. Reduces memory footprint of the web server when compared with mod_php.


    LiteSpeed Server API for PHP. Up to 50% greater performance than Apache with mod_php. Up to 20% better performance than FastCGI. It is supported with LiteSpeed Enterprise and OpenLiteSpeed web servers only, with an exception of CloudLinux OS, where you can run LSPHP with Apache webserver.

Web Applications

  • phpMyAdmin

    A tool written in PHP for administration of MySQL databases over the Web.

  • RoundCube webmail

    A browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.

  • SquirrelMail webmail

    SquirrelMail is a webmail package written in PHP. It includes built-in pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, and all pages render in pure HTML 4.0.

IMAP/POP3 Server

  • Dovecot 2.x

    Email server written with security primarily in mind.

Mail Transfer Agent/SMTP server

  • Exim 4.x

    Responsible for receiving and routing email messages.

Mailing List

  • Majordomo 1.94.5

    A a mailing list manager written in Perl.

Anti-SPAM solutions

  • SpamAssassin

    Email spam filtering based on content-matching rules.

  • Pigeonhole

    Adds support for the Sieve language and the ManageSieve protocol to the Dovecot Secure IMAP Server. Provides ability for end-users to configure their filters.

  • Easy Spam Fighter

    SMTP-time SPAM filter. Detects SPAM before it is queued for delivery.

  • BlockCracking

    Protection for outgoing SPAM.

  • Rspamd

    Compiled SpamAssassin replacement (in develeopment).

Antivirus software

  • ClamAV

    Antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats. Supports scanning of email messages, FTP and PHP uploaded files.

FTP Server

  • ProFTPd

    Highly configurable FTP server software.

  • Pure-FTPd

    Lightweight FTP server, always designed with security in mind. The code is always re-audited as new kind of vulnerabilities are discussed.

Web Application Firewall

  • ModSecurity

    ModSecurity is a toolkit for real-time web application monitoring, logging, and access control. It let’s you forget about hacked customer websites. Supported in Apache, Nginx and LiteSpeed web servers.

WWW usage statistics

  • AWstats

    Powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced statistics graphically.

  • Webalizer

    Lightweight and fast log file analyzer.

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