Partner Agreement

Please read carefully

DirectAdmin Partner Agreement

This agreement governs the relationship between JBMC Software (the seller of DirectAdmin) and you, the person or company ("Partner") who receives access to DirectAdmin's internal pricing structure.

Accurate Representation

You agree to represent yourself in a truthful and accurate manner. Only dedicated server providers or those individuals or companies that resell dedicated servers are permitted to have access to DirectAdmin's internal pricing structure. Untruthfully representing yourself as a server provider/reseller is a violation of this agreement.

Responsible Use

You agree to use your Client Account responsibly. A certain level of trust if given to Partners because they have greater access to our client/licensing system than the general public. In addition, Partners may have access to rates better than the ones they are supposed to be using (for example, the rates available to Partners who have purchased 19+ licenses). Purchasing licenses at these rates is a violation of this agreement.

Reselling Limitations

Partners may not sell DirectAdmin licenses by themselves. All licenses purchased at internal rates must be included in with new dedicated server sale.

Your Relationship to Us

You acknowledge not to represent yourself as us in your business dealings. You may represent yourself as partner, reseller, or any other synonymous term.

The DirectAdmin License Agreement

The conditions in this agreement are to overrule the conditions in the DirectAdmin license agreement. You should note that the refund policy in the DirectAdmin license agreement has no effect when purchased by a Partner.

The DirectAdmin license agreement is available at:

Our Right to Terminate This Agreement

If you are found in violation of this agreement, we may terminate our relationship with you and delete all licenses you have created, without warning or refund. This may include licenses legitimately purchased before your violation of this agreement.

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