DirectAdmin has been Installed on your Server!

Thank you for choosing DirectAdmin! Please read this brief document to complete your server setup.

Step 1: Set a main domain name

By default, no web site is associated with your server.

  1. Sign into your control panel at http://:2222 as the admin user.
  2. Switch to the User panel (link is near the top right of screen)
  3. Click the "Add Another Domain" text link.
  4. Enter your domain name into the box and click Submit.

Step 2: Create nameservers (optional)

  1. Add at least one additional IP address to your sever.

    Sign into DirectAdmin as the admin user, then select IP Manager from the menu. To add an IP address, enter the IP address in the "IP" field, then click the "Add IP" button. Then, place a checkmark next to all the IP addresses and click the "Assign to [username]" button at the bottom of the screen. Your Admin username should be in the dropdown menu.

  2. Create the nameservers.

    Switch to your Reseller panel (near top right of screen) and click the Name Servers icon. If there happen to be any nameservers currently listed, delete them first by placing checkmarks next to them and clicking the "Delete Nameservers" button.

    Place checkmarks next to any two IP addresses and then click the "Create Nameservers for" button, selecting the domain you want the nameservers for.

  3. Tell DirectAdmin that these will be the primary nameservers.

    Switch back to the Admin panel and click Admin Settings. Make sure the NS1/NS2 fields are accurate, and then click "Save."

Step 3: Set your e-mail address in the control panel

From the Admin control panel, click the "Manage Tickets" (under Server Management). Make sure your e-mail address is properly set.

Then, switch over to your User Panel (near top right of screen), click Statistics, and set your e-mail address there.

Some general info on How Nameservers Work.

That's it! Enjoy DirectAdmin!

Some Security Tips

I typically recommend implementing up a minimum of these tips from the security guide:

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