LAN Install Guide

DirectAdmin can run on a LAN/NAT, but just requires some non-standard steps to get it running.

It requires the of loading the external IP into the internal/LAN device. Operating should still be fine via the local IPs.

  1. Type the following before running the

    echo 1 > /root/.lan

    to have DA download the update.tar.gz and license.key more easily (skips the --bind-address option).
  2. You'll need to make sure that the licensed IP is in the device.
    Use This guide to do that.
    No luck? Try the external checks method instead, mentioned below.
  3. Install DirectAdmin normally, using the
    • When it asks for which ethernet device, make sure you pick the device that holds the licensed IP (often eth0:0 or venet0:0).
    • Enter the license IP, and not the LAN ip when asked.
    • After the install is done, make sure you complete steps 4 and 5 below.
  4. Link the LAN IP to your public IP using the Linked IP feature.
    With this feature, you'd do the following:
    • Add the LAN IP to DA's IP manager. Don't assign it to any Users or Domains.
    • View the details of the external IP: Admin Level -> IP Manager -> Click the public/external IP.
    • Link the internal IP to the external IP: Select the LAN IP from the drop down.
    • Only select Apache, do not select DNS
  5. Add the following value to your directadmin.conf, and restart DA:


    where you'd replace with the LAN IP value that should be used for outbound connections.

Can't use the public IP on the internal device?

If, for whatever reason, adding the public IP to the internal network simply cannot work, a new feature that enabled external checks can be tried. For this, you'd have your internal IP set on the main device (eth0), and do NOT need to setup the public IP on eth0:0. For the check to happen, you'd need to set lan_ip= to the same internal eth0 IP address.

Need more information?

Did you do step #2? This is the most commonly missed step. The public IP must be listed in the internal device (else, rely on the external checks instead)

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