Filemanager uses pages for large numbers of files

Version 1.14.0


When a directory holds thousands of files, loading times can be a while which might cause a timeout. A page system prevents timeouts and unecessary data transfter. There will be 50 files per page and up to 20 page #'s shown on the screen. More than 20 pages will show "First Page ... 5 6 7 8 / 23 24 ... Last Page". The current page will appear in bold. Filemanager has been tested successfully upto 10,000 files in a directory. (Sorting by column will sometimes will time out on slower machines due the *huge* numbers of files in the test. This is a very extreme case and should not be worried about :) ) The doesn't only apply to the filemanager, but to all intances that make use of a table.

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