API for Resellers IP list with status for each: CMD_API_SHOW_RESELLER_IPS

Version 1.26.0


Already completed in current release, was just missing the documentation, but will add one new feature for a full IP dump, with all IP info. /CMD_API_SHOW_RESELLER_IPS dumps the list of IPs, no info about the IP. CMD_API_SHOW_RESELLER_IPS?ip= dumps the info for that IP. CMD_API_SHOW_RESELLER_IPS?action=all dumps everything for all resellers IPs. Outputs everything on one line, so you need to double decode it: Sample php decoding: http://www.directadmin.com/double_decode.txt Test out the above API command in a webbrowser to get a sample output, then dump it into the double_decode php form/script to get a sample out that you can read.

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