update_channel: stable, current, beta, alpha (SKINS)

Version 1.62.5


TODO: /cgi-bin/daupdate to handle the other channels. ====== To allow for better choice in terms of which updates you get, and when, we're introducing a new directadmin.conf variable, default: update_channel=current where "current" refers to the standard version used eveywhere: TXT version.directadmin.com directadmin.com/ver.php (website html) custombuild versions.txt['directadmin'] Added: current.version.directadmin.com. CNAME version.directadmin.com. =========== update_channel=stable This option allows for server admin's to hold back from updating for a while, if so desired to let a release mature before seeing the new version. ./directadmin set update_channel stable service directadmin restart This change will reference a new TXT record: dig TXT stable.version.directadmin.com which will only be increased to the current version sometime after the current version has been released and has had time to mature in the wild. =========== update_channel=alpha refers to the "prelease binaries" just as before, so any quick-fixes we add will live there. This will point to our "develop" code branch or bleeding edge changes and features (update method and versioning on this to be confirmed) For anyone used to regularly grabbing the pre-release binaries, the path you've used before will change to a new one. The old PR path will reference our "release candidate" binaries for testing prior to a "current" version release. These binaries are updated daily, so using this channel will offer very regular updates, the newest features/fixes, but also the highest chance of new bugs that have not yet been found. alpha.version.directadmin.com TXT "sha=1234abcd" =========== update_channel=beta This will be where the Release Candidates live.. usually only updated just before a new version, when the new code is set as a release candidate, eg: "RC1" Using this branch will keep you current, but you'll get the new version before everyone else. beta.version.directadmin.com TXT "sha=1234abcd" =========== /cgi-bin/daupdate will accept &channel= to any of these paths, and will redirect accordingly. =========== CHANGING YOUR UPDATE CHANNEL Go to: Admin Level » Licenses/Updates » Select the new channel, and save. =========== SKINS /CMD_LICENSE now include extra output: json: update_channel=stable|current|beta|alpha update_channel_select=json select type for the update_channel commit_sha=abc123467 #might not exist depending on how you got your binaries For alpha/beta channels: latest_commit_sha=abc123467 For alpha/beta channels, the decision if an update is available is entirely dependant on commit_sha vs latest_commit_sha and if they don't match, you'll get: update_available=1 ------- Enhanced type skins will get |UPDATE_CHANNEL_SELECT| filled with a <select> box.

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