E-Mail limit headers: per_email_limit_message.txt affecting per_email_limit_email_message.txt

Version 1.62.0


When a per-email limit is hit, notices are geneated. 1) The Message System will get a notice using template: per_email_limit_message.txt when notify_on_mass_emailing=1 2) the email would receive an email using template: per_email_limit_email_message.txt when notify_email_on_per_email_limit=1 The same set of "tokens" was passed to both templates. The bug was that if per_email_limit_message.txt set some header/value, that value would carry over to the per_email_limit_email_message.txt template. A specific issue was the |?HEADER=| was being set in 1, causing the Conent-Type <html> not to be set correctly in 2. Fix: Use unique tokens container for each template call. First will no longer affect the second. ---- T31263

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