swap da_sso definers for triggers, events, routines, views

Version 1.62.0


Related the previous change for mysql.proc: https://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=2745 where creating triggers, events, routines, views, etc as a temporary phpMyAdmin one-click "SSO" account (which eventually gets deleted) causes issues with those entries, thus need to be swapped out to username@localhost. this extends that change to work on the 4 tables: information_schema.views information_schema.routines information_schema.triggers information_schema.events but using the proper "ALTER" commands for each one. The triggers and routines will do a drop and re-creation as they cannot be "altered' in a simple manner. ------------ TEST cd /usr/local/directadmin echo "action=delete&value=pma_sso" >> data/task.queue.cb; ./dataskq d306 which will always swap the definers, even if the da_sso_%@localhost account has not yet expired and has not been deleted. ---- T29409

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