If set_php_bin_path_in_crons=1 show "php" instead of /usr/local/bin/php for cron example (SKINS)

Version 1.59.0


Relating to the ability for crons to have "php" set to the correct version via the php version selector: https://directadmin.com/features.php?id=2293 this is a cosmetic change to change the path to php binary on the cronjobs page. The sample cron for php by default specifies: /usr/local/bin/php but with this change, if you are using: set_php_bin_path_in_crons=1 Then the php binary will be just: php =============== SKINS user/cronjobs.html |?PHP_BIN=/usr/local/bin/php| |*if SET_PHP_BIN_PATH_IN_CRONS="1"| |?PHP_BIN=php| |*endif| |PHP_BIN| /home/|USERNAME|/domains/domain.com/public_html/script.php<br> =============== JSON CMD_CRON_JOBS?domain=domain.com&json=yes will now also include a variable at the top level: "set_php_bin_path_in_crons": "0" which can be set to; 0 : show /usr/local/bin/php 1: show php

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