Version 1.56


Cleaner way for JSON to fetch clipboard data, and provides more info as well. Previously, the .clipboard file might not have existed, so was an imperfect way to handle the list. Sample output: { "data": { "/directadmin.tar.gz": { "date": "1312712544", "gid": "admin", "linkpath": "", "permission": "744", "showsize": "1.90M", "size": "1992905", "truepath": "/test.tar.gz", "type": "file", "uid": "admin" }, "/public_html": { "date": "1541455507", "gid": "admin", "islink": "1", "linkpath": "./domains/", "permission": "777", "showsize": "0.03k", "size": "29", "truepath": "/public_html", "type": "dir", "uid": "admin" }, "/test": { "date": "1539610802", "gid": "admin", "islink": "0", "linkpath": "", "permission": "755", "showsize": "4.00k", "size": "4096", "truepath": "/test", "type": "dir", "uid": "admin" } } } Note: directory size is not recursive, this would be too slow and beyond the intent of this feature.

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