per-User/per-Reseller send_usage_message override

Version 1.55.0


Relating to feature: The value: send_usage_message=0|1 can be added to a given User's user.conf and/or a given Reller's reseller.conf. The value set in these files will override the directadmin.conf send_usage_message option. This can be used to enable/disable the notices for a given account when they approach their limit. The reseller.conf override would apply to a Reseller's limits, and the user.conf to the User's limits. ============== GUI No skin changes are required for Enhanced, it's in the hardcoded token. The setting can be changed by Users at: User Level -> Site Summary / Statistics / Logs (CMD_USER_STATS) -> Limit Notice where it gives 3 options in the select box: Default (On) or Default (Off) (pending the directadmin.conf send_usage_message), with value 2. On value 1 Off value 0 If Default (On/Off) is selected, the user.conf does not have send_usage_message. Else, the On/Off is set based on the user.conf send_usage_message. Same idea for Reseller, except: CMD_RESELLER_STATS and reseller.conf. ============= SAVE THE CHANGE CMD_CHANGE_INFO | CMD_API_CHANGE_INFO method: POST send_usage_message=<any text> send_usage_message_value=0|1|2 with standard dynamic output. ----- For Resellers, it's the same command, the only difference is the button name: send_usage_message_reseller=<any text> send_usage_message_value=0|1|2 ============== JSON CMD_USER_STATS? the "stats" array has added entry: "38": { "setting": "send_usage_message", "usage": { "0": { "selected": "yes", "text": "Default (On)", "value": "2" }, "1": { "text": "On", "value": "1" }, "2": { "text": "Off", "value": "0" } }, "max_usage": "1" }, where most should be self-explanitory, but the "max_usage" will be the internal/directadmin.conf setting for send_usage_message, in case you need to know it.. for some reason. The "Default (On/Off)" already represents that value, but in translatable text, thus this is a more definitive way of knowing the value. ----- CMD_RESELLER_STATS?json=yes Similar, but because the arrays for Reseller stats are different, this is a new array at the top level: "send_usage_message": { "max_usage": "1", "select": { "0": { "selected": "yes", "text": "Default (On)", "value": "2" }, "1": { "text": "On", "value": "1" }, "2": { "text": "Off", "value": "0" } } },

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