Version 1.514


New command to get all tokens for a given command page, eg: CMD_JSON_LANG?request=CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN CMD_JSON_LANG?request=global CMD_JSON_LANG?request=LF_STANDARD&and_global=yes which will include json output for: 1) All lang tokens for the given CMD_* based on the PATH lookup in files_*.conf, and over to that lang/en/PATH. 2) All global tokens if request=global is used. 3) Any normal CMD or LF request can include &and_global=yes in the GET to include the globals, to save a request. For the above example, it's in: files_user.conf: CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN=user/show_domain.html so the lookup dumps the tokens from: /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/enhanced/lang/en/user/show_domain.html The global tokens use "no-cache" in the result header, while any other CMD/LF type lookup will use a cache during of 65536 seconds. This means (for now) if you change the language of your DA, you'll likely need a F5 or ctrl-F5 to grab the new lang pack. Note the request can be any value from the files_*.conf files, including the LF_STANDARD style entries. They don't need to be CMD_ entries. If a value doesn't exist, it will throw a standard json error. This command does not load hardcoded tokens, as it would when you actually load the /CMD_SOMETHING page. This only loads the LANG files, or the global tokens that show up on all pages. The hardcoded tokens are only computed during the actual call of that given CMD_ command. If you do want one of those specific hardcoded tokens, you can get it using the load_token variable, available on most pages:

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