Option for graceful restart for apache

Version 1.33.7


Graceful restarts will not disconnect any current client connections. All idle child processes are killed, and new ones started with any config changes. The existing connections are left to finish, and once completed, they die, and new child processes with the new config changes will replace them. It's considered more "polite" and you don't notice any downtime while apache fully stops then starts. This feature is still in testing, considered BETA at this time. It assumes that the graceful command is setup in your /etc/init.d/httpd boot script. Most scripts will simply have something like: graceful|help|configtest) $apachectl $@ which is fine. To enable this feature, add: graceful_restarts=1 to your directadmin.conf, then restart DA. Any call to add action=httpd&value=restart to the task.queue file will have it replaced with action=httpd&value=graceful. Note that the full extent of not doing full retarts is not yet known, hence testing is required. Preliminary test show no issues when adding and removing new virtualhost with SSL certificates in apache 2.2. Note that restarts issued in the service monitor will still do full restarts. -------------- CentOS 7+ will have this option enabled by default with systemd. This is because systemd doesn't know what "graceful" is.. it only knows reload. The httpd.service has "ExecReload" trigger a graceful restart. With CentOS 7+, this option will call a reload command.

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