Option to give Users ability to change skins on their own

Version 1.337


Skins have typically been chosen by Reseller/Admins, but this option gives a simple dropdown on the Acccount/Stats/Logs page in their User Level, allowing them to chose any skins visible to their creator. To enable this feature, add: user_can_select_skin=1 to the directadmin.conf, and restart DA. The internal default is set to 0, so this option is not enabled by default. Possible reasons why you wouldn't want to enable this: If you've got some custom skins with specialized code you don't want your users to see. Note this feature give Users visibility of All skins on the system in the global location: /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/* as well as in their creators home directory (permissions permitting) /home/creator/skins/* If you are a skin designer and don't want Users seeing the skins you're working on, keep the skins under a test Reseller and not globally. Note, if a Reseller has custom skins in /home/reseller/skins, those skins will not show up with this feature, as it would be checking *his creators* path for skins, eg: /home/admin/skins/*. He can still change his skins via Reseller Level -> Skins, so he's not losing any functionality.

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