basic IPv6 implementation (alpha)

Version 1.33.1


Please see this guide for updated information: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Early beginnings with the ipv6 implementation in DirectAdmin. These changes simply allow DA to accept the new IP types in it's system. You can add ipv6 IPs to DA via the IP Manager, and manage them throughout DA normally. This has not yet been extensively tested yet and feedback would be required. Note that the dns adds the IPv6 values into the A records, so dns modifications would be required for each new account (move values to AAAA records) To allow DA to use IPv6 values, add: ipv6=1 into your directadmin.conf, and restart directadmin. This does not affect any services, so you will need to add ipv6 support to your services manually. This is not covered by our support quite yet (still very early in development)

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