Ability to generate debug output from tokenizer

Version 1.33.1


directadmin.conf option: tokenizer_debug=1 which will generate output to the screen when you run DA in debug mode (so it needs 2 steps). Default internal value is 0. To run DA in debug mode you type: cd /usr/local/directadmin killall -9 directadmin ./directadmin b800 where 800 is the debug level. The higher the number, the more output you get. Debug levels and higher will accomplish the following: 500 - Inidcation of tokenizer being run. Include set user and recursive depth. 500 - Printout of binary shebang name and options, eg /usr/local/bin/php 1000 - Dump of the passed tokenzier code, pre parsed. 1200 - Tokens to be inserted dumped 1400 - Tokens to be added to environment for scripts (not always the same values) 1500 - script output, post execution 1600 - script code parsed out, to be executed Keep it turned off if you don't need it as it will slow down page loads significantly since there are numerous toknized items per load. Only use it to debug.

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