Ability to force which hostname is used when accessing DA

Version 1.33.0


By default DA allows people to connect to any IP, domain name, subdomain, etc.. that lives on port 2222. Their browser will show whatever they type. This feature allows the admin to force a redirect to the hostname of their choice. This mainly applies if the host has ssl certificates setup for DA. If a client types in https://histdomain.com, this isn't authenticated. This feature will redirect clients to the hostbname specified, thus allowing the certifiate to be authenticated on the domain it's designed for. So basically, if this feature is used, DA checks the Host header passed. If the value doesn't match, DA redirects the User to the value set in the feature. The option for your directadmin.conf is: force_hostname= by default it's null (not set) which is also how it's disabled (so it's disabled by default). If you setup a value: force_hostname=your.hostname.com and then restart DA, then the location value in a browser will always be redirected to your.hostname.com NOTE about APIs: http://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=1022

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