Changed default backup_threshold to 90% from 100%

Version 1.323


The option at: Admin Level -> Admin Settings: Allow Users with less than 90% Disk Usage to create Backups. (0 = off, 100 = always on) Will now default to 90%. You can still change this value to override it, the change is only the default. The reason for the change is due to user quotas. If a User has used up nearly all of his space, there will be no way he can afford to backup his data into a file that will fit within his quota limit anyway, so might as well warn him before he fills up his space. Note that the backups are run as root, then the backup files are chowned to the user, so the backup file will get created, the user will simply exceed his system quotas after the backups are done and the tar.gz are chowned to the user.

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