Spam with Maildir not being counted (action required)

Version 1.323


The filters in /etc/virtual/ are processes as user:group mail:mail. For vm-pop3d/mbox this is fine, any spam redirected in the filters are stored in spam files which are pre-created with the correct ownership (and DA manually counts them anyway) With Maildir however, the spam emails are 1 new file per email so they will end up with incorrect permissions for the quotas to find them. This allows them to bypass system quotas. You'll notice a problem because your "Email Usage" will be higher than the "Total Usage" for your User accounts. The fix is to change the filter to run as the user instead of mail. This only works with Maildir. You must not change the filter to run as the user with vm-pop3d/mbox, or it breaks the permissions as they are silghtly different. The fix has been setup for new installs, but for existing systems, the exim.conf requires fixing. To do so, you can either do it manually by changing the domain_filter of your /etc/exim.conf: from: user = "mail" to be: user = "${lookup{$domain}lsearch{/etc/virtual/domainowners}{$value}}" group = "mail" OR Use this guide: but first delete the file: exim.conf.dovecot.patch from either custombuild or customapache directory, and type: ./build update to get the new one. Once newly created files are stored correctly, then if you have old files with the wront ownership, you can fix them by typing: cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts ./ email Note that this script can take a long time if you have many emails in the spam directory. It might be a good idea to set trash/spam removal first, run the tally to remove old spam/trash, then run the script so it has fewer files to work on.

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