zip and unzip to filemanager (SKINS)

Version 1.322


Ability to create and uncompress zip files from the filemanager, similar to the tar.gz function already present. This feature is in BETA, and is disabled by default. If you wish to try it out, set: zip=1 in your directadmin.conf file, and restart DA. This feature requires that you have: /usr/bin/zip /usr/bin/unzip and doesn't install them for you. It's your responsibility to ensure they're present. It's important to note that you add files to a that already exists, the zip program doesn't simply wipe the old zip file. It adds the new files to the old zip giving you an even bigger zip file with the old and new files. If you don't want this functionality, delete the old zip file before creating a new one. The zip command used by DA is essentially the following: cd /home/user /usr/bin/zip -ry /home/user/path/to/ path/to/file path/dir Extraction: /usr/bin/unzip -qo /home/user/path/to/ SKINS: user/filemanager/main.html replace: .tar.gz with: |*if HAVE_ZIP="yes"| .<select name=type><option selected>tar.gz</option><option>zip</option></select> |*else| .tar.gz |*endif| Compression of zip via API: CMD_API_FILE_MANAGER Method: POST action=compress path=/path/youre/in file=compressedname type=zip

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