Version 1.32.2


BETA Integrated awstats into DirectAdmin. It's a global on/off swtich, and not a per domain setup. If you wish to enable this feature for testing or use, you must install awstats. Type: cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts ./ This will do several things. - download and install the awstats setup. - add awstats=1 to your directadmin.conf - add webalizer=0 in your directadmin.conf (webalizer will be shut off, you can override it if you want both) Note that due to the way the log names are setup in config files, the rotation of apache logs will be slightly different during the tally. Before the tally, all logs will not be renamed to .log.1. Logs will be processed in place. This has side effects in that an HUP is not going to be sent to the master httpd process right before the tally. During the rotation for each user, logs will simply be truncated instead of deleted (As they always have been for single-user tallys). Testers should keep an eye on the effects of truncating a live log without the instant apache restart. Likely it will be fine. Also apache is restarted post tally as usual anyway. awstats are places as static html pages into: /home/user/domains/ the config and tally data are stored in: /home/user/domains/ The advantage of having the data under /home/user, is that users can bring it with them when their accounts are moved around. The benefit of the integrated awstats over many plugins is the security. Some awstats plugins use chmod 777 for many files and folders, meaning anyone on the system has the ability to change things around. With this setup, files are chowned to root, and chmod to a minimal setting, thus things are safe, secure, and private. Like webalizer, with this setup, subdomains will have their own awstats page. DirectAdmin will also parse the awstats data files to grab the bandwidth for the subdomains, so as long as the awstats are being processed for those subdomains, the bandwidth for each subdomain will show up in DA on the subdomains page (just like it did for webalizer, using the webalizer stats). Lastly, the ../stats symbolic link on the domain stats page will point to ../awstats if the link is created. (instead of the ../stats with webalizer)

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