add failed multiserver syncs to task.queue for retry

Version 1.32.2


If you're using the multiserver setup and the send fails because the other box is down, this fix will notice that it didn't make it and will add an entry to the task.queue to try again later for "x" number of attempts until it succeeds or runs out of attempts. directadmin.conf option: remote_dns_retries=0 the default will be 0. If you want it to do retries, set this to a higher value and restart DA. Just be careful with this. Failed syncs will attemp to resend the data every minute until the retry counter hits zero. If, in that time, you decide to delete the domain, then the next retry will be told to sync a domain that doesn't exist (basic checks do exist for this), but don't set the retry count too high, only a value for the expected maximum duration of downtime the other box has. For example if it's a reboot, then at most, set it to 10. Also, if you have multiple IPs in the multiserver setup and one fails, but the other works fine, this retry will resend for both IPs, so the functional dns server will get as many copies as retries. The related task.queue command will be: echo "action=sync&type=cluster&" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue

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