restore default DNS settings tool (SKINS)

Version 1.32.0


Tool for users or admins to restore the default dns settings for their zone, should they manage to botch it up enough past fixability. It would wipe any custom entries as well, fyi. Accessed via CMD_DNS_ADMIN only. (Admins Only) The values that this will reset to will be retrieved from the user.conf file (ip, ns1, ns2) where the user for the domain is retrieved from /etc/virtual/domainowners. Subdomains are also re-added. If this is a non-user domain (ie: added manually through the DNS Admin) then it will defaults to your server IP and the ns1/ns2 values from the directadmin.conf SKINS: admin/dns_admin_control.html added a button, buttom left, (opposite of 'delete selected') called "Reset Defaults". Button code: <input type=submit value='|LANG_RESET_DEFAULTS|' name=reset onClick="return confirm('|LANG_RESET_WARNING|');"> language files need to be updated as well: LANG_RESET_DEFAULTS=Reset Defaults LANG_RESET_WARNING=WARNING: Resetting the defaults will wipe any custom entries you have made. If you want to call this via CMD_API_DNS_ADMIN, the info is: CMD_API_DNS_ADMIN method: POST reset=anything action=select

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