Version 1.313


CMD_API_IP_CONFIG ... the API for CMD_IP_CONFIG If nothing is passed, you get a url encoded string for all the IPs and their values, as owned by the Reseller who calls it. Note that the IP value when decoded may be in the form: 1_2_3_4 instead of, fyi. I've added ip= to the list of parameters for that IP anyway (which is redundant) so you can use the 2nd value instead of the index name if you dont want to swap out the _ characters. Other parameters: gateway= (will be blank) ip= netmask= (or blank) reseller=bob status=owned|shared|free value=#|user ========================= If you POST to this command: action=select select0= (select1= To delete: delete=anything Set to shared: share=anything Set to free: free=anything

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