Tool to transfer Users between Resellers (SKINS)

Version 1.31.2


A new feature at the Admin Level which will allow an Admin to move any end User on the system around between Resellers/Admins (CMD_MOVE_USERS). The interface is very simple, you select the Users, and you select the Reseller you want them to be moved to. The tool is an interface for: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ which has been tested with a few minor fixes to bring it up to speed. This feature will be release as BETA for the time being, although, I didn't notice any issues when testing. ================================ An API is also avaiable for this tool: CMD_API_MOVE_USERS method: get or POST action=moveuser select0=user1 (select1=user2) ... creator=newreseller ================================ SKINS: new file: CMD_MOVE_USERS=admin/usermanagement.html in the files_admin.conf Get the DA update or the packged skins for details on the html.

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