List of domain pointers.

Version 1.31.2


Shows up on the "show all users" page, as well as on the user listin the reseller level. Domain Pointers will show up in the same column as the domains, just below the domain they were created under. They are tabbed in 2 spaces, and start with a bold P: to signify pointer. There is a hover-over popup to say "Domain pointer on" so people know what it means. A value for the directadmin.conf: show_pointers_in_list=1 will be the default (internally). Set it to 0 if you want to disable it, if it slows things down for you. The domain pointers in the show_all_users.cache file are listed as:|||&other=other./etc.. On a side-note, on the Reseller Level, the cache is only used if there are 10 or more clients under that Reseller. Less than 10, then data is computed in realtime since the cache can get huge in itself, so we only want to use it if it's needed. This is if you're wondering why there could be variances if the cache is missing or corrupted, etc..

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