Create definitive Suspend and Activate buttons for accounts suspension. (non-toggle version) (API)

Version 1.31


Currently, to suspend/unsuspend a User with DA or the DA API, you call it once to suspend, and once more to unsuspend. For the interface it's not too bad, but with the API, the script really has to know what it's doing. This change will add clear buttons and API options to the command to ensure the Admin/Reseller/API script is getting the result it wants. Note: the old forms will still be valid, the toggle will still work if called via API. It shouldn't break old scripts. The change will simply add an alternative option for doing it, which will also show up in the skins. (so it's both table and API change) new options to be passed: dosuspend=anything or dounsuspend=anything with the usual select0=user&select1=user2..etc The presence of those names will trigger their action. Their values have no effect. Affects CMD_SELECT_USERS and CMD_API_SELECT_USERS FYI: I've created CMD_API_SELECT_USERS which is exactly the same as CMD_SELECT_USERS, except you get a standard API output.

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