Also include the .INBOX.Trash folder for purging

Version 1.30.2


The spambox purging feature will now also include the Trash folder, by request. This will increase the system load even more, fyi. To keep the load at a minimum during this process, the fewer emails there are to check, the faster it will run. So to accomplish that, set the purge time to as few days as possible so old ones are cleared out sooner. Balance this with how long your customers need old spam/trash emails. If you can get away with 1-3 days, that would be best... 7 days is ok as well. 30 days is safe for the customers, but puts more load, depending on the number of accounts and emails there are to purge. NOTE: this is only for dovecot/Maildir. It doesn't show up for vm-pop3d/mbox.

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