New backup option not available on all OSs

Version 1.30.1


I've added a new directadmin.conf option: extra_backup_option= which is blank by default (and non-existant in the directadmin.conf). If you want to add extra options to the tar command during the backup process, you can add it in your directadmin.conf, eg: extra_backup_option=--ignore-failed-read Which is inserted: tar czfp file.tar.gz <HERE> -C /path files ... This basically swapped this change for a variable: Other reported options: extra_backup_option=--warning=no-file-removed --warning=no-file-changed DA 1.47.1+ can exclude full paths: ============================= SYNTAX The assembled directadmin.conf variables for User backups will look like this with <option> in angle brackets. We'll assume User 'fred' and /home/admin/admin_backups for the path. Default: tar+gzip <backup_nice_string> /bin/tar czfp /home/admin/admin_backups/user/user.admin.fred.tar.gz <extra_backup_option> <--exclude-from=...> -C /home/admin/admin_backups backup non_readable_files -C /home/fred domains imap tar+pigz <backup_nice_string> /bin/tar cfp - <extra_backup_option> <--exclude-from=...> -C /home/admin/admin_backups backup non_readable_files -C /home/fred domains imap | /usr/local/bin/pigz --fast -p <pigz> > /home/admin/admin_backups/user/user.admin.fred.tar.gz tar <backup_nice_string> /bin/tar cfp /home/admin/admin_backups/user/user.admin.fred.tar.gz <extra_backup_option> <--exclude-from=...> -C /home/admin/admin_backups backup non_readable_files -C /home/fred domains imap

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