auto purging of spamboxes (SKINS)

Version 1.30.0


Option to have DA do a daily check on spambox and purge emails older than a given age (setting), eg 30 days, to free up disk space. This feature will only function on Maildir (dovecot) inboxes.. as mbox (vm-pop3d) mailboxes require a large amount of parsing. Possibly add dropdown to be able to select box to purge. The option in the directadmin.conf is: purge_spam_days=0 (it doesn't exist in the file, but that's the default value) If you want to turn on the purging of emails older than 30 days for example, you'd set: purge_spam_days=30 save/exit, then restart DA. ================= SKINS: admin/admin_settings.html |*if USE_DOVECOT="yes"| <tr> <td class=list> Automatically Purge Spambox data </td> <td class=list> After <input type=text name=purge_spam_days value="|PURGE_SPAM_DAYS|" size=2 maxlength=3> days. (0 = never) </td> </tr> |*endif|

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