CMD_API_MAIL_QUEUE && API for server uptime

Version 1.30.0


API for the mail queue (CMD_MAIL_QUEUE) Also, a method to obtain the uptime for API commands. method: GET or POST ======== View the list /CMD_API_MAIL_QUEUE gives the queue output. id1=data1&id2=data2&id3=data3..etc.. where id# is the ID of the email message. where data# is the encoded array of data, eg: frozen=no&id=1BNUi3-04079Z-1N& ======== View one message /CMD_API_MAIL_QUEUE?id=theid returns: id=1234 headers=full headers body=bodysnippet logs=eximlogs for that message. ======== do something on that message /CMD_API_MAIL_QUEUE action=select select0=id0 (select1=id1) (...) then one of: thaw= freeze= retry= bounce= delete= where the variable data itself doesn't matter, only that the given button is passed, and only 1 button/action.

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