Lost password feature (SKINS)

Version 1.29.1


Option to allow a user to solve his own problems if he's lost his DirectAdmin password. The default is "off", but when enabled, a link will appear on the login page for "Lost Password?". DirectAdmin will email them a link to click with a confirmation code. That code will be send to DA when the link is clicked, which will send them a new random password to the same email address. There is also a "report false requests" link in the intial code email. If the user didn't initiate this request, he can click the "report" link an all admins will be notified of the false attempt, including the IP of the original initiator. Password change requests expire after 2 hours with no confirmation, so the user must click it fairly quickly after initiating. The default is OFF so you must turn this feature on if you want it. Admin Level -> Admin Settings -> Enable Automatic Lost Password Recovery = Yes If you use a custom data/templates/login.html add: |*if LOST_PASSWORD="yes"| <a href="/CMD_LOST_PASSWORD">Forgot your password?</a> |*endif| added 2 templates: data/templates/lost_password_email.txt data/templates/lost_password.html The "code" file is stored in: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/lost_password_request.txt changes also made to: admin/admin_settings.html for the new option to turn this feature on/off. You can use the API if you wish.. but there isn't much use for it. Simply include "api=yes" with all your GET/POST requets and the output is parseable. SKINS: for enhanced skins: <tr> <td class=list> |LANG_LOST_PASSWORD_RECOVERY| </td> <td class=list> <input type=radio name=lost_password value="yes" |LOST_PW_YES|>|LANG_YES|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=radio name=lost_password value="no" |LOST_PW_NO|>|LANG_NO| </td> </tr> with the additions of: LANG_LOST_PASSWORD_RECOVERY=Enable Automatic Lost Password Recovery LANG_YES=Yes LANG_NO=No in the admin_settigs.html lang file. For regular skins, the admin_settings.html will have the additional: <tr> <td class=list> Enable Automatic Lost Password Recovery </td> <td class=list> <input type=radio name=lost_password value="yes" |LOST_PW_YES|>Yes&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=radio name=lost_password value="no" |LOST_PW_NO|>No </td> </tr> Right after the "demo document root" option.

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