option to suspend based on disk usage

Version 1.28.6


option added to the directadmin.conf to suspend an account/domain based on oversusage of their disk space. It will be a global option on/off, not per user account. The "suspend at limit" option will then encompass this option, so unchecking it will not suspend the user for either bandwidth or disk usage, even if the disk usage suspension is turned on. The option you will place in your directadmin.conf is: disk_usage_suspend=1 The default will not be in the file, but will be set to 0 internally. In general, I don't recommend this.. as a user won't be able to delete any files from his account if he's suspended. It would be up to the admin to delete the account. I personally prefer to keep an eye on things and communicate with clients to resolve disk quota issues (charge them more, or help them find why they're using up more space..etc). Most people don't appreciate being suspended ;) But of course, there is demand for this feature, so not all admins feel this way.

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