Redirect type option (SKINS) (API)

Version 1.282

Finished option to chose what type of redirect is used. SKINS (not absolutely required): ./user/redirects.html insert: <tr><td class=list>Redirect Type</td><td class=list><select name=type> <option value="301">301 - Permanent</option> <option value="302" selected>302 - Temporary</option> <option value="303">303 - Replaced</option> </select></td></tr> If you don't insert this, it will default to 302 - Temporary. API additions: In order for you to be able to see what type is added CMD_API_REDIRECT will have an "apitype=yes" option you can pass with GET (not POST) when viewing the list, and the type will be included in the config file output. With apitype=yes, the result will be double encoded: /redirect=to= Related:

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