Version 1.28.1


used to list the users domains with their current settings. If you want to create/delete/change domain settings, use CMD_API_DOMAIN. 2 ways of calling it: ============== CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS without any options. It will output a list of domains, eg: domain1=data&domain2=data, etc.. where "data" is an encoded list: eg: UseCanonicalName=OFF&bandwidth=0 / unlimited&cgi=ON&defaultdomain=no&domain=domain.com2&ip= ============== The other way is like when you click on the domain name to "view" it. CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS action=view Sample output: UseCanonicalName=OFF&bandwidth=unlimited&cgi=ON&defaultdomain=no&domain=domainwithareallylongnamedotcom%2Ecom%32&ip=%31%39%32%2E%31%36%38%2E%30%2E%32&open%5Fbasedir=ON&php=ON&private%5Fhtml=link&quota=unlimited&safemode=OFF&ssl=ON&suspended=no&username=bob Which is just a dump of the file, plus one extra item: private_html. The only thing to note is you have either: public_html=link or public_html=dir depending on the state of the private_html directory.

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