Version 1.281


API version of CMD_CHANGE_INFO method: POST only. update=<anything> will attempt to trigger a disk usage "mini tally".. without webalizer stats, or banwidth, etc.. email=<anything> will attempt to set the users email address to name=<anything> nvalue=Bob Smith attempts to set the user's full name. language=<anything> lvalue=en sets the language to "en". The language name isn't checked for existance, so you have to know what you're setting. zoom=<anything> zvalue=100 don't ask.. this is depreciated. The power_user skin used to have a ZOOM=100 token set in the stylesheets that allowed you to make the entire interface bigger or smaller. The token was removed from the style sheet. You can in theory use this value for your own purposes if you have a program that needs info on any html page. Only accepts values from 95 to 120. You can pass multiple values at the same time. See:

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