folder disk usage in filemanager

Version 1.28.0


Feature that calculates all of the usage for all files under the directories in the filemanager. Makes for easier disk usage tracking. This will have a directadmin.conf option to be disabled: filemanager_du=0 if you want to disable it. It will be enabled (1) by default. This will replace the usual 4.0k you see for all directories. It will also replace the directories truesize (hidden in the form, used for sorting. This also affects the API for the filemanger) This is expected to slow down the filemanager for all accouts.. very large accounts may be slowed down enough to that you'll want to disable this function completely. We may have this feature disabled by default it if causes issues. ---------------- If you only wish to disable this option for 1 User, then check this feature which allows shutting it off for just 1 account:

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