Bandwidth Details from the bandwidth.tally file (SKINS)

Version 1.27.0


A detailed report in a simple table showing the bandwidth breakdown from the bandwidth. Allows Users to track where their bandwidth is going. Table has columns for apache, email, ftp, DA, and "other" (if unknown in bandwidth.tally), with a "total" column as well for that day. Each row consists of the bandwidth for that day, starting with the date in 'y m d' format, eg "2006 05 08". The last row of the table is a total for each column with the grand total for everything at the bottom right (should match what DA shows on the stats page). There is a related API command: CMD_API_BANDWIDTH_BREAKDOWN A user can call this as is with no parameters and get a dump of the data. If the "user=bob" is passed (GET or POST), a reseller or admin can view the bandwidth details for any of their users. There is one value in the returned data called "simpletotal". This is more of a parity check for debugging.. it should match exactly the "total=total=1234" value (simpletotal=1234). simpletotal adds every single bandwidth.tally entry, whereas the grand total value is calculated by adding bits and pieces from all over the bandwidth.tally file. SKINS: added CMD_BANDWIDTH_BREAKDOWN=user/bandwidth_breakdown.html to the files_user.conf. Also created the user/bandwidth_breakdown.html file with a token called "TABLE" to handle the table.

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