CMD_API_POP - per account quotas && CMD_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_QUOTA

Version 1.27


adding a per-account quota report. Uses would be in things like squirrelmail so that the users can see their own usage. CMD_API_POP method: GET or POST type=quota user=bob (eg for This will not use the new pop usage cache (feature in this release). Since only 1 user is being counted, there is no harm in doing a live tally of the 1 pop user. ================ CMD_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_QUOTA Works for both system accounts, and virtual pop accounts. Option to use login/password values as the email / email password, so that the DA login/pass is not required. Similar to CMD_CHANGE_EMAIL_PASSWORD where it's accessible by email users without a da login/password. GET or POST user=bob password=hispassword You can pass "api=1" as well to get an API result (with error=1 or error=0). If api, the output is something like (in bytes): error=0&imap=6904871&inbox=288714&spam=6881&total=11807743&webmail=4614158 If not api: imap=6904871 inbox=288714 spam=6881 total=11807743 webmail=4614158 It's seperated with <br> characters. Note that api=0 is not valid. DA will assume you want the api output even if you have api=0. (api=anything means api in this case) These values are also not taken from the cache, their computed in realtime.

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