tool to monitor partition disk usage (SKINS)

Version 1.26.4


Will monitor a list of partitions, default will be: / /var /home /usr /tmp if any of those partitoins doesn't actually exist on your system, it won't be checked. List will be in the templates directory, ability to copy it to "custom" to add/remove your own partitions. File is called: partition_check.list and contains a list of partitions. Will also be a message template for the warning. partition_check_message.txt option to check minutely or daily. (each time the dataskq is run, or when the tally is run) in the directadmin.conf: check_partitions=0|1|2 0 is off 1 is minutely 2 is daily Default with nothing set it 2 (daily). Thereshold (in percent): partition_usage_threshold=95 (95 is the default is nothing is set) If the usage of a given partition exceeds the partition_usage_threshold, an email is sent to all admins. This email is only sent once per day if the usage is not reduced or settings changed. (message time history stored in admin.conf) SKINS: admin/admin_settings.html add: <tr> <td class=list> Warn Admin's at <input type=text name=partition_usage_threshold size=2 value="|PART_THRESH|">% partition usage </td> <td class=list> Check Every: &nbsp;<input type=radio name=check_partitions value="1" |PARTMINUTECHECKED|>Minute &nbsp;<input type=radio name=check_partitions value="2" |PARTDAYCHECKED|>Day &nbsp;<input type=radio name=check_partitions value="0" |PARTNEVERCHECKED|>Never </td> </tr>

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