Quotas on a 2nd /home partition to be checked

Version 1.26.3


Add the option for DA to check a 2nd partition for system qutoas during the tally. This will also setup the quota limits for users on these partitions as well. The default is usually to check /home or /usr. If an admin adds a 2nd drive, then currently, it will only check 1. This feauture will allow multiple drives to work with quotas correctly, eg: /home /home2 /home3 etc... all with quotas. Default option is to have no option at all. The "directadmin c" will be "null". The option will be: ext_quota_partitions=/home2 to the directadmin.conf file, then restart DA. This can be a comma seperated list for multiple partitoins (no spaces). eg: ext_quota_partitions=/home2,/home3,/home4 Do not use the value for quota_partition in ext_quota_partitions or else you'll have the main partition counted twice. **IMPORTANT *if* you are to add /var to this list, and /var is seperate from your /home partition, you will need to tell DA not to manually count the /var email usage. You must do this by setting: count_email_usage=2 in your directadmin.conf file. http://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=488 This feature is designed for extra home partitions more so than /var partitions, but should work anyway with /var.

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