Version 1.26


list skins, set skins for all users. To upload a skin: (this might be tricky to do unless you know how httpd file uploads work) Method: POST enctype: multipart/form-data action=upload file=file (type is file though, not a "normal" form value) name=skinname server=yes|no (only admins can set to yes). set to serverwide. Delete a skin: Method: POST delete=Delete (can be set to anything, presence of name is all that's required) select0=skinname (select1=skin2) etc.. Set Skin to yourself (Reseller/Admin) Method: POST reseller=anythingyouwant (name is only important part). select0=skinname Set Skin to All Users: Method: POST all=anythingyouwant select0=skinname Set a Skin for one user (not used via interface) Method: POST user=username select0=skinname Also, to set skin for one user (2nd version of the same thing), you can already use: CMD_API_MODIFY_USER method: POST or GET action=single skin=*anything* (only the existance of the name "skin" is important, the value it's set to isnt important) skinvalue=skinname user=username

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