Option to set the owership of public_html for new domains

Version 1.24.0


Add: apache_public_html=0 to the directadmin.conf template for new installs. The setting will tell DA to create the public_html as "username:username" chmod 755. If the option does not exist in the directadmin.conf (all current existing installs of DA), then the default in the DA binary will be chmod username:apache 750, so that nothing changes for current systems. If an admin wants this option, then just add "apache_public_html=0" to get DA to create the public_html as username:username 755. Note setting this option to 0 is less secure as 755 means that anyone on the system can look into the public_html files. However, it will enable cgi files to run from the public_html directory more easily and be more "friendly" for 3rd party scripts. http://www.directadmin.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&postid=45286#post45286

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