option to disable/enable the counting of email disk usage

Version 1.24.0


On most systems, the email files are either on a /var partition, or on the / partition. Users are either under /home,/usr or /. DA can handle these circumstances and is able to decide whether or not to include the disk usage of email in the totals. When the users are on / and the email is on /, then email will be counted by the system quotas, so DA won't count them. But if you have a different situation that DA can't handle, then you need the option to force the counting on or off. In the directadmin.conf a new option will be added: count_email_usage=x where x will be one of 0, 1 or 2. If 0 (default), DA will try and figure it out. If 1, then DA will count the usage no matter what. If 2, DA will not count the usage, no matter what.

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