Ability to add your own package items (SKINS)

Version 1.23.5


Several people have modules/products that they might not want to give to all of their clients. This feature allows them to add new items to their packages and those items will appear automagically throughout DA in all the appropriate palaces (packages, create custom user/reseller, modify user/reseller, show user/reseller stats) 1) you'd create a file, /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/custom_package_items.conf 2) in it, you'd add the alphanumeric name of the item, followed by some info (after the = character) 3) magically, everything works ;) - it will display your items in the packages screen, the customize user creation screen, and the user stats page..etc.. - it will be stored in the user.conf files, like all the other items (such as php, ssl, cgi etc.) - the item names will also be passed to the custom scripts (user_create_post.sh ..etc) if you want to do anything with them - the item will be returned in the API queries for the user info. example, in the custom_package_items.conf file, say you want a checkbox for something called "feature", and a text area for something called "myval"... lets make a 3rd type=listbox "mylist" feature=type=checkbox&string=My Feature&desc=short description&checked=yes myval=type=text&string=My Feature's Value&desc=short description mylist=type=listbox&item1txt=Text one&item1val=oneval&item2txt=Text Two!&item2val=valuefor2&string=Select from List&desc=short description&default=valuefor2 details: type: checkbox string: Text representation of the item (optional, else name used) desc: a short sentence describing the feature (optional) checked: yes/no default value for new packages. (optional) type: text string, desc: see checkbox default: a default value for new packages (optional). type: listbox string, desc: see checkbox item1txt: string representation for the option item1val: value of the option (item2txt, item2val, etc..) default: a default value for the option. Must be one of item?val. (optional) **SKINS** add the following to each of the following files (more if needed): admin/ create_customized_reseller.html modify_reseller.html show_reseller_package.html reseller/ create_customized_user.html modify_user.html show_user_package.html |*if CUSTOM_ITEM_1| <tr><td class=list>|CUSTOM_ITEM_1_STR|</td><td class=list align=center>|CUSTOM_ITEM_1|</td><td class=list>|CUSTOM_ITEM_1_DESC|</td></tr> |*endif| |*if CUSTOM_ITEM_2| <tr><td class=list>|CUSTOM_ITEM_2_STR|</td><td class=list align=center>|CUSTOM_ITEM_2|</td><td class=list>|CUSTOM_ITEM_2_DESC|</td></tr> |*endif| |*if CUSTOM_ITEM_3| <tr><td class=list>|CUSTOM_ITEM_3_STR|</td><td class=list align=center>|CUSTOM_ITEM_3|</td><td class=list>|CUSTOM_ITEM_3_DESC|</td></tr> |*endif| |*if CUSTOM_ITEM_4| <tr><td class=list>|CUSTOM_ITEM_4_STR|</td><td class=list align=center>|CUSTOM_ITEM_4|</td><td class=list>|CUSTOM_ITEM_4_DESC|</td></tr> |*endif|

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