add the site-helper links and images to the lang files, also files_custom.conf (SKINS)

Version 1.22.2


Since there is text in some of the images, set the images in the languages files. Also, set the link to to be set in the languages files as well. You can now change the user,reseller and admin site-helper links by setting them in your directadmin.conf file: The values will be replaced in the skins by the following tokens: USER_HELPER RESELLER_HELPER ADMIN_HELPER For the images, if you want to use a different images with the language packs, see this link: files_custom.conf can now be used along side all other files of the same type (files_user.conf, files_reseller.conf and files_admin.conf). What this new type will do is override all of the other files if a skin designer wishes to perminantly add an image tag without worrying about skin updates removing it. With that said, skin designers must *not* include it in their skins package. All tag additions must be made in place by the installer. One example use of the files_custom.conf file is to add your own header to the directadmin skins and be able to allow updates without destroying your changes. You'd simply add: IMG_SKIN_HEADER=images/header_new.gif to the files_custom.conf file and voila, you'll have header_new.gif being displayed instead. (otherwise known and branding)

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