Full system backup via Admin Panel (SKINS) - *Must Run script*

Version 1.22.3


*NOTE: to complete this update and to use ftp with the the full system backups, you must run: cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts ./ncftp.sh ############# This uses sysbk as mentioned on the forum. Added FreeBSD support. Can handle ftp and scp. (It wil install ncftp and also gives a link to the id_dsa.pub file). - files_admin.conf - CMD_SYSTEM_BACKUP=admin/system_backup.html - admin/system_backup.html - new file - admin/content_main.html - link to CMD_SYSTEM_BACKUP - lang/en/admin/content_main.html - text for link - lang/en/admin/system_backup.html - language file for new file The update should run ./sysbk.sh which will in turn install sysbk, ncftp and add /root/.ssh/id_dsa if it doesn't exist. Note: If you plan on using scp, no passwords are passed during the backup. You *must* use the id_dsa.pub file (link on backups page) and add it to /home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys2 on the machine that will recieve the backup. You might need to manually run /usr/local/sysbk/sysbk -s manually to make sure it uploads all files without waiting for user input (because it's not going to get any when run by DA)

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